Friday, May 02, 2008

They Call Themselves "Liberals"

But they're really just panderers to sanctimonious well healed hypocrites, business hating fools and socialist economy killers.

In yet another completely clueless move from the BC government ......

British Columbia slapped a moratorium on all uranium exploration !

Apparently for the BC government "Not Liking" a commodity is good enough reason to shut down an entire industry! Apparently all those regulatory control that the province has are of no value either. Else why the need to stop the EXPLORATION business?

Excerpt from the G&M article ....

".....But there remains the little matter of why the B.C. government felt the need to act with such finality, and so precipitously. It's certainly not because the government was convinced of any environmental or health peril posed by uranium mining. “Saskatchewan has proved, and is proving every day, that uranium can be mined responsibly,” Mr. Krueger says.

That might seem like a solid rationale for allowing carefully scrutinized exploration to proceed. Wrong. “We'll leave our uranium in the ground, and that's what the public wants,” says Mr. Krueger, adding that the Liberals have no intention of changing course later, come what may. “That's a forever position, as far as this government is concerned.”

The reason is simple enough. The public doesn't like uranium, therefore the government has banned it. A good deal of the public opposition has come from the direction of the Big White ski resort, which would be within sight of the proposed mine. And Mr. Krueger mentions that B.C. won't need the uranium itself, since it has no need for nuclear power...."

This isn't the first time the BC government has helped to put a nail in the future of resource industries. BC Kills Alcan plans to build Hydro facility!

Apparently optics and aesthetics outrank the importance of having an economic base. All well and good perhaps for well heeled retirees or out of province property owners who treat BC like their personal recreation area. Good too (maybe) for tourism operators who reap the rewards of that crowd. But, BC isn't sustainable as a retirement community or a tourist destination.

The hard reality is that Resource Development and Exploitation IS the business of BC and is what sustains the economy and puts roofs over the heads of the majority of BC residents and food on their plates.

And don't get me started on the forestry industry and the complete failure of the provincial government to deal with the pine bark beetle infestation and the bug wood fallout!

I predict that BC will soon be wondering why their economy is in the tank.


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Blogger Shere Khan said...

Hmmmm, they don't like the fact that the mine will be in view of some pissant ski resort? I thought GW killed all the snow in the mountains and melted all the glaciers anyway, so how can there still be ski resorts?

If they are so concerned with optics why haven't they shut down clearcut logging yet?

Because a bunch of exploratory engineers with sliderules and scientific calculators are far less intimidating than loggers with 24" bar chainsaws and awd skidders......

No foresight whatsoever, just rule by hysterical innuendo!

5/02/2008 1:45 p.m.  

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