Thursday, June 12, 2008

BS Still Baffling Brains !

Update Friday June 13: CNN this morning claims to have debunked the stuff about BHO's muslim education!
Really ? This should be interesting as it's the bloggers who point out that The MSM have falsely whitewashed the biography of the Barackinator! If anything I'll bet that it's the usual suspects that are practicing revisionism.

In another bit of commentary about the Barackinator that I really don't want to post but I can't help it because there is just such an intense STINK around this guy......

The old saying that bull shit baffles brains is something few of the oh so righteous Lib/Left/Progressives would admit to holding to as a matter of faith and common practice in their everyday political activities ... I think!

Yet here we see another example of the principle being put to practice in yet another Liberal/Leftwing/Progressive politician's campaign.

You see Barack needs to start arming himself with evidence that he is a "Victim". And, what better place to start than by creating a mythos about widespread conspiracies crafted in the dark recesses of evil conservative minds?

Just as Hillary went to bat for Bill by confabulating a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" to justify their blanket denial of any criticisms that might pop up or resurface to cause them consternation as well as create an ever present foil to inconvenient news that might (did) occur ... so must the Obamarama campaign be prepared for any and all emergencies.

And so ... here we have The Giant Blogosphere Conspiracy .. where the Obamaramanarians can fall back on to deflect any criticism by simply speaking the magical incantation of "Giant Internet Conspiracy" ... those magic words (they believe) will immediately render their critics dumb and impotent!

The only problem might be that it's already too late.
By announcing their plans to launch a counter intelligence and disinformation operation they have already likely blown their opportunity on that front!

Besides so far their efforts to establish and counter all the negative information being propagated around the web are not really working too well. It seems that just calling something a lie doesn't work so well in the blogosphere . Unlike in the MSM where they just keep repeating the same thing and no-one in the club questions it. Too bad eh?

And so we have one of the first Fiskings of the Obmaramanarian's campaign of revisionist propaganda!

Link to The Spectator and once again thanks and a h/t to USS Neverdock.


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