Monday, September 22, 2008

Why Is This Guy becoming My Problem?

Refering back to ... Saturday's Drama we have news that the Canadian Judiciary can still be counted on to defend criminals of all stripes..... especially as they are pet Victims and cause du jour of of the left.

TORONTO - A high-profile American war dodger * won a desperate bid to stay in Canada on Monday as a judge refused to allow Canada to send him back to the United States to face prosecution for desertion.

Jeremy Hinzman's reprieve from scheduled deportation on Tuesday came after Federal Court heard an Immigration official had made serious errors in assessing the hardships the deserter and his family would face if forced back to the U.S.

The rest of the CP version here!

*Note: The use of the term War Dodger in the first sentence ... hoping no doubt to resurrect and play upon those fuzzy feelings and distorted memories of hippy daze gone by.

I prefer the terms responsibility avoider and consequence evader along with the simple and factual criminal.

Hinzman's bad choices beginning with joining the US military ... followed by coming to Canada to escape his consequences for desertion ... followed by having a second child while in this country illegally... followed by ....refusing to go and face his consequences.

Jeremy Hinzman is the sole architect of his own troubles and in my opinion a crybaby coward and a criminal.

My country owes him nothing and less than nothing since he abused our laws to hide from justice in the USA.

So let him go home and pay the price for his high minded conscientiousness!

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